2016 Summary!

Now that 2016 is coming to an end it is finally the time for me to sit down and think about all those things that happened in the last 12 months. Events, dreams, things that I'm happy with or not, little treasures that I stumbled upon and experiences. Why not to put some of them together in a little blog post? Let's start it!

1. My favourite art project from 2016... is my everyday art diary. An art journal where I expressed myself almost everyday (a little abandoned at the end of the year). This gave me the courage and experience that I needed very much.

2. My favourite book that I read in 2016... The Diary of a Young Girl. I read it finally! I always knew I had to, but I would never have expected that it's going to influence the way I live so much. This book made me feel hungry for knowledge, pushed me to study things that I always wanted to explore and made me appreciate all the opportunities I have.

3. My favourite album that I listened to (obsessively) in 2016... is Robert Plant and Alison Krauss - "Raising Sand". I spent many hours in my studio art journaling and listening to these two. Delighting, exciting, inspiring and moving.

4. My favourite piece of art that I saw in 2016... is "The Jewish Bride" by Rembrandt. The experience of seeing it in real in Rijks museum was absolutely out of this world. The layers and the translucency of them... they left me speechless.

5. My favourite place that I visited in 2016... is Florence. Especially one moment in our journey was important to me - the first evening when we visited Piazza della Signoria and when I saw the statues (the beautiful "Rape of the Sabine Women"). It was at night... with not too many people around and a soothing and gentle music played on a clarinet by a musician hidden somewhere in the little and narrow streets of Florence. This I will never forget.

6. My favourite class that I taught in 2016... is Prayer Flags - one of my Wanderlust 2016 lessons. I loved making this video in our garden and I also really enjoyed the project. 

7. My favourite moment of 2016... is our wedding day. It was September and it was absolutely beautiful. It's definitely a memory to treasure.

8. My favourite "family" photos of 2016 are... Figa's selfies!

To me 2016 was a year full of changes. In spring we moved to a different country to the house that we love. For the whole summer we had builders around renovating our old forge which we planned to be our workspace/studio for Everything Art. Then in September we got married and as it was a casual wedding we had the evening party in the Forge - Polish and English family all together in Wales. After that our super fast double honey moon and visiting Poland. You can imagine how busy we were and how much we appreciate to have a few quiet moments now, at the end of the year, with our sweet friends Finn and Andrzej in Ireland. 

New Years resolutions? Well, there is only one - to be happy. To do my best to be happy. This means doing things that make me happy of course and one of them is to continue to art journal every day. I'll be doing that again! Follow my Instagram to see how I'm doing. The other thing that makes me happy is to travel with my Jamie and I think that it's going to work well in 2017. I hope so! 

Thank you all for visiting my blog in 2016 and for leaving your sweet comments here. I really appreciate that! 


Wanderlust Book Summary

Today I have a video for you. Our Wanderlust 2016 is coming to an end soon and Wanderlust Book prompts were one of the Activities that we were running on our Community through the whole year. Now it's time to finish our book and so I (almost!) did. Here I'm showing you my pages and talking a bit about the whole experience and about what did I learn over the year.

Wanderlust Book Summary from Everything Art on Vimeo.

Mentioned in the video:


An apple tree.

An apple tree is just like a person. In order to thrive, it needs companionship that's similar to it in some ways, but quite different than others.” 


Cut in two

Grisha and my parents had begun the slow process of ossafication that befalls all émigrés: a kind of freezing-up of their real identity into something that makes sense in their new context, but is a 
semi-conscious denial of who they really are - or whould have been, had emigration not cut their lives in two.

-- Elena Lappin  "What language do I dream in?"



The only time I'm religious is when I'm sitting in the woods with paper and pencil, admiring what nature has come up with.
-- Günter Grass "The Box"



And since you always lived inside your own head, you were much better at seeing the truth about others than you ever were at seeing yourself. So you navigated your life with the help of others who held up mirrors for you.
- - David Eagleman "Sum"


Why did I get so talkative? New EA stamps!

How about a new set of stamps for Autumn? Last weekend we have released our new "rubber babies" on Everything Art social media and website. Once again my collages were turned into stamps and you know what... I honestly love them!

If you want to see me getting excited about the set of stamps (yes, they do make me talkative!) then here is our little demo:

Introducing EEA04 stamps from Everything Art on Vimeo.

And here's one of my first samples, an art journal spread - one of many that I finally photographed today so I will be able to share some more in the next few days.

Thank you all who keep on visiting my little place, though I am not the most systematic blogger ever. I used to do it so much more often and still I would love to come back to that habit but you know how it is... Everything Art needs a lot of work and time every day and when I actually get some free time I just dive into art journaling or reading and that's it. But maybe now since Autumn came and evenings are longer (but are they really?) I will be able to take the dust off my little blog's shelves.
Thank you again!

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